How to bet on Football (Soccer)

What are the main betting options to bet on Football ?

how to bet on football soccer

When you have chosen your method of betting (tobacco or online), you have another choice. Either you go on a “simple” bet, or on a “combined” bet, or on a “system” bet. Let's see together the definitions of each of these formulas illustrated with an example:

  • Simple bet: this is a bet on a single sporting event (match, competition, etc.).
Example  : you choose the PSG - OM match and you bet € 10 on a draw at odds of @ 3.50. If your prognosis is correct, you win € 35 (you have to multiply your bet by the odds, i.e. 10 x 3.50 = 35). If your bet is false, you lose your bet of € 10.
  • Combined bet: this is a bet for at least 2 sporting events. You will combine the odds of the matches between them to obtain in particular a greater gain. Please note that for your bet to be successful, all selections (= matches) must be correct. If one of your selections is false, you lose your bet.
Example  : you decide to combine 2 matches: PSG - OM + OL - ASSE. You bet € 10 on a draw between PSG and OM at @ 3.50 (first selection) combined with an OL win at @ 2.00 (second selection). If the results of the 2 games are favorable, you win € 70 (in this case, you must first multiply the 2 odds between them and then multiply the total odds by your bet, ie (3.50 x 2.00 ) x 10 = 7 x 10 = 70). If one of the 2 selections is false, you lose your bet of € 10.
  • System bet: this is a bet for at least 3 sporting events. Except that in this very specific case, you can win from 2 good matches over 3 games played, or even over 3 good matches over 4 games played, etc. As long as you respect this condition, you win otherwise you lose your bet. Please note, in system bets, your stake is multiplied by the number of possibilities (see example below).
Example : you opt for a 2/3 system bet. You choose 3 matches: Match 1 = PSG - OM + Match 2 = OL - ASSE + Match 3 = ASM - OGCN. There are therefore 3 possibilities to win your bet: Match 1 + Match 2 fair OR Match 1 + Match 3 fair OR Match 2 + Match 3 fair. If the 3 results are good, you pocket the maximum gain (the gain of the 3 combined)! You decide to bet € 5 on a draw between PSG and OM at the odds of @ 3.50 (first selection) combined with an OL win at the odds of @ 2.00 (second selection) combined a draw between ASM and OGCN at the odds of @ 3.00. You will actually have to pay € 15 (your basic stake multiplied by the number of possibilities, ie 5 x 3 = 15). If 2 of the 3 selections are good, you win the amount associated with these 2 selections (draw between PSG and OM + OL win, ie (3.50 x 2, 00) x 5 = 7 x 5 = 35). If only 1 of the 3 selections is correct, you lose your bet of € 15.

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