How to bet on Tennis

What are the main betting options to bet on Tennis

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Bet on matches

In tennis, it is the most popular form of betting where you can bet on the potential winner of a match. Unlike football , there is no draw in tennis, there must be a winner.

The first thing to do when you learn how to bet on Tennis and to bet in general is to study the event on which you want to bet before placing a bet, indeed, there are some details to know. First, the state of form of a player is a parameter to take into account. A favorite who returns from injury will surely be less efficient than an outsider in good shape and who remains on excellent results.

Also, it is important to have an idea about the previous confrontations between the two players. Even if a player can play the part of favorite in a match against a player of lower level, the style of this last can considerably hamper the favorite who can see his chances of victory diminish quickly. Acquiring this kind of knowledge allows you to obtain invaluable value, particularly in the type of handicap bet (set and game).

Finally, it is also important to take into account the surface (clay, lawn, carpet, ...) on which the match takes place. Grass, for example, is considered to be the fastest surface where the ball literally explodes at high speed. Players with strong service and flyers are very comfortable. Conversely, they will be disadvantaged on clay, a surface considered to be slow. This parameter is therefore decisive in the choice of a bet.

The odds for tennis favorites are not high for the simple reason that a draw does not exist. Consequently, some bettors decide to accumulate bets by making handsets. But beware, you have to be sure of the value of the games you play for. Always check beforehand, the state of the players, the latest results and the playing surface. If necessary, you will accumulate a negative value in your handset.

Bet on sets

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Betting on a given result in tennis is the same as betting on a score in football. For example, player A wins 3 sets, player B wins 2 sets. This can be an interesting way to find value in a bet when you have deep knowledge in the tennis industry. For example if you know that a player tends to start his matches in a thunderous way but that it is more difficult to finish them, then you can bet on the number of sets. Likewise, some players find it difficult to enter the tournament in the right way and may encounter difficulties during the first rounds.

You can also simply bet on the winner of the first set. Here too, a “diesel” player will not necessarily be favored and you can find value by betting on an outsider known to start his matches in a very nice way.

Handicap bet

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Tennis is one of the sports for which it is possible to bet with a handicap. In most cases it is a game or handicap set.

The handicap set consists in betting for example on the victory of a player with the assistance of a set or more. It very closely resembles the Asian handicap in football. For example, you can bet on the victory of player A with a handicap of -1.5 sets. Player B will therefore have a handicap of +1.5 sets.

The handicap game behaves in the same way as the handicap set, with the difference that it adds up all the games of a match and not all the sets. It is an interesting challenge because even a favorite who can easily win without conceding a set, can concede a large number of games within each set. This can be a great opportunity if you know that such a player can, by his style of play, pose problems for another player however favorite.

Over / Under bet in tennis

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As with the handicap bet, the Over / Under bet focuses on the total number of sets and games in a match. For example, you can bet on a match that will end with more or less than 2.5 sets. On the other hand, you can also bet on a match that ends with more or less than 30.5 games.

If you are unsure of the winner of this game, this type of bet is a great opportunity for you. In this case, it's a good idea to bet on more than X games and sets, no matter who wins the match. If it's a close match, you must have a chance of winning as there will necessarily be a lot of sets and a lot of games.

In the same way, if you think that an outsider can push a favorite to its limits, it is advantageous to play this type of bet in "over" because the match is likely to end with a high number of sets and games. Conversely, you know that the favorite is only going to make a mouthful of an outsider. Instead of betting on the favorite's victory with a low odds, it is better in this case to bet on "under" and hope that the favorite wins quickly without conceding too many games and sets.

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