How to choose an eSports Betting Site?

In recent years, eSports have become increasingly popular and many people from across the world are shifting towards this form of online gambling. You can now find many eSports betting platforms that offer a variety of Esports Betting Markets. Similar to other types of betting, you can win a great deal of cash by making successful bets.

But first things first: If you are new to Esports, you can find a list of the Top UK Esports betting sites at With hundreds of eSports sites available, it is challenging to find the best platform and a reliable comparison site can be helpful for new players. If this is your first time seeing Esports check out our own guide to Getting Started with Esports as this resource introduces you to the basics.

But what Factors are important to finding an Esports Betting site that is safe for you to Play on?

There are a number of factors that we rank as follows;

1. The Number of Games

Always check the number of games available at your preferred eSports betting site before making your final decision. The more the games the site has, the more the chances of winning your wagers.

Also, many games on a site show that the website is legit and that your hard-earned cash is safe. Recently-launched sites often have a few games while established ones have plenty of them. So, you should have this fact in mind when looking for an eSports site.

The number of games available at any eSports site not only helps you to check the operability of the place but also ensures that you won’t get bored placing your wagers. The more eSports games you have, the more time you’ll spend at the site.

2. Popular Markets and Odds

As soon as you learn that a site’s offer contains popular odds, you’re 50% sure that it is the right place for you. More odds and markets mean that the operator has experience and knowledge on eSports and thus prepares only the best for its customers.

The offers available directly tells you how much a site is involved in the whole matter. You will easily know if the site just wants quick profits or cares for its customers. Offers tell much more about the main goals. So, you should go through the odds and markets available before choosing the best eSports betting sites.

3. Check the Banking Options

A good site should have payment options that you can use and trust. This will help you make transactions comfortably. Many eSports sites offer multiple purchase options, including credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets such as Neteller, prepaid cards, and Cryptocurrencies, among others.

The availability of these banking options varies from one site to the other. One site may accept dozens of these options, while another only allows major credit cards, e-wallets, or Bitcoin.

You will not have a problem if you can use major credit cards and e-wallets since many sites allow these options.

According to betting experts, you must check any site’s banking options before creating your account. Doing so guarantees you that you can move your cash onto the platform before reviewing other factors.

4. License

You cannot establish an eSports betting site without a license. A good eSports site should have a license from a reputable gambling authority. Once you see that a site owns a valid license, it’s safe to proceed with your registration process.

Other factors you can consider are the languages available at the site. The best eSports betting sites offer many languages. With many languages, it means that they are legit and serve many players.

Based on this information, you would be now ready to find an Esports betting site that suits your needs. Esports is one of the fastest growing areas in Sports and we think our readers will be thoroughly interested in Esports in the future.

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