How to manage your Bankroll ?

What is a bankroll?

It is simply the capital that you dedicate to your activity in sports betting.

Few, very few bettors actually have one. Most players are recreational and have no bankroll management.

In the best of worlds, the idea will be to determine a capital and keep it throughout his life as a bettor.

Except that, and this is the reason for our article, most bettors lose their capital quickly!

Determine a unit bet

Once you have determined the amount of your bankroll, you will divide it into unit bet.


  • Your Bankroll is worth 100 €
  • Your unit bet could be around 1%, or € 1.
  • So you have 100 Units available.

But, you can also determine that your unit bet will be 2%, or around 2 €. You therefore have in your possession 50 Units.

Thus, you will understand that by choosing a more or less large unit bet it will increase or decrease the depth of your bankroll.

We could draw a parallel with poker where a player will have to assess how much blind he has left in his stack during a tournament.

Your unit bet should allow you to be comfortable. It must be comfortable. Thus, you will be less affected in the event of loss, and less euphoric in the event of gain. The goal is that the outcome of a prognosis, whether it is a winner or a loser, does not make you spin. We are aiming for the long term.

How to bet once your unit bet determined?

Generally, you will have more or less confidence in a prognosis.

Depending on your confidence or the odds, you will bet more or less. Never exceed 2 Units to be serene.

On Club Tipster, we give confidence indices that allow you to assess our confidence. Rarely, we advise you to bet more than one unit bet. We have soft management without unnecessary risk taking.

We even sometimes prefer to split this unit bet to warn you of any tilt and offer you forecasts with a minimum bet so as never to ignite! It is a bias.

Cash in variance: Good Run / Bad Run

It is surely the most disconcerting in sports betting: The series! Whether positive or negative for that matter!

Sometimes everything seems simple. It slides alone! You will win 5, 6 or 7 predictions in a row. This is commonly known as a Good Run!

Overconfidence can then make you forget that winning in sports betting is a difficult thing! In the article, we talk about the psychological aspect of winning over the long term , the area of ​​emotions. Those caused by the gain or loss of a bet that we obviously invite you to read.

The variance will quickly call you to order after a series of winning forecasts! And when you are confident, confident, ready to depart from all the principles of money management that you had put in place, it will put a blow behind the back of your neck!

Behind, it is the chain because your confidence was at its peak. You were the king of predictions a short while ago, so why would that change?

So what follows is simple ... You increase your bets, you want to get your money back. You are heading straight for tilt!

The bets are linked and they are all losers ... 5, 6 or 7 predictions later and you no longer have a bankroll!

This is called a Bad Run. Bankruptcy. End of Game.

By having good bankroll management, you will be able to cash in on these inevitable periods when you are bettors!

If losing is unacceptable to you: Stop betting! To be ready to win, you have to know how to lose.

Losing is part of the game so once you understand that. As you understand that you will not win all the time you understand that bankroll management is the key to success.

You will never be rich in sports betting so avoid losing everything!

Set Long-Term Goals!

Most bettors want to win fast and very much! Generally, they lose quickly and a lot.

Set achievable goals:

  • Objective number 1: To be “Break Even”, that is to say “To play”. Do not lose anything, be stable, in balance. It will already be a good start! Betting while having fun watching the sport and not losing money is the first step of a confirmed bettor.
  • Objective number 2: Set a long-term profitability objective.


  • You have a bankroll of 1000 €
  • Your goal is to double your bankroll by the end of the season.

Get the false beliefs out of your mind, which is to earn a salary every month and live sports betting.

If after 500 solo bets you realize that you are slowly losing your capital, surround yourself with competent tipsters who can help you achieve these objectives.

It will be necessary to sort, choose them well and make a rigorous follow-up. All of this is up to you!

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