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Discover the world champion Ma Long

Ma Long, the art of regularity

At just 27 years old and in the space of a decade, he left his mark on modern table tennis. We wanted to establish a sports report for the one who joined the world ranking 13 years ago. He was just 14 years old at the time. What was his background? What titles did he win? Can he go even further?

greatest table tennis player in the world
Ma Long - Photo credit: REUTERS / Toru Hanai

Ma Long is one of those players who marks the times. For more than a decade, he has collected titles and won the first places in the world ranking. Regular at the highest level since entering the TOP 10 9 years ago, Ma Long is breaking all records.

Since August 2007, he has sat 42 months, or 3 and a half years, combined in first place in the world. Since December 2007, he has never left the TOP 5 worldwide. A record collector, he managed to stay on the world throne for the whole of 2010 and should no doubt equal him next month if he finishes again on the first step of the podium. Nothing seems to stop Ma Long . Its results simply reflect an incredible regularity. Few players of his generation can boast of such a feat.

Ma Long's classification table from March 2007 to February 2016

Month Year Position
February 2016 1
January   2016  1
December   2015  1
November   2015  1
October   2015  1
September   2015  1
August   2015  1
July   2015  1
June   2015  1
May   2015  1
April   2015  1
March   2015  1
February   2015 
January   2015 
December   2014 
November   2014 
October   2014 
September   2014 
August   2014 
July   2014 
June   2014 
May   2014 
April   2014 
March   2014 
February   2014 
January   2014 
December   2013 
November   2013 
October   2013 
September   2013 
August   2013 
July   2013 
June   2013 
May   2013 
April   2013 
March   2013 
February   2013 
January   2013 
November   2012 
October   2012 
September   2012 
August   2012 
July   2012 
June   2012 
May   2012 
April   2012 
March   2012 
February   2012 
January   2012 
December   2011 
November   2011 
October   2011 
September   2011 
August   2011 
July   2011 
June   2011 
May   2011 
April   2011 
March   2011 
February   2011 
January   2011 
December   2010 
November   2010 
October   2010 
September   2010 
August   2010 
July   2010 
June   2010 
May   2010 
April   2010 
March   2010 
February   2010 
January   2010 
July   2009 
June   2009 
December   2008 
November   2008 
October   2008 
September   2008 
August   2008 
July   2008 
June   2008 
May   2008 
April   2008 
March   2008 
February   2008 
January   2008 
December   2007 
November   2007 
October   2007 
September   2007 
August   2007 
July   2007 
June   2007 
May   2007 
April   2007 
March   2007 

An impressive track record

In the space of 13 years, Ma Long has built up outstanding achievements. Whether in individual, double or with the national selection of which he is now the undisputed leader, he won almost everything. Out of the hundred competitions (103 more precisely) referenced by the ITTF since 2003 , Ma Long won 36 titles in singles and 21 in doubles. To go a step further in his results, he won 27 silver medals (12 in singles / 15 in doubles) and 32 in bronze (18 in singles, 14 in doubles). From a broader view, Ma Long, in the space of 13 years, simply participated in more than 50% of the finals and won a medal 7 times out of 10 in the tournaments in which he was entered.

Statistics difficult to match!

To complete the statistics, Ma Long won 22 ITTF World PRO Tours, 2 World Championships (1 in Senior, 1 in Juniors), 1 World Cup, 4 Cups and 1 Asian Games and only in singles. These figures make you dizzy when you add them to the 8 world titles by team (7 in world championships; 5 in adults, 2 in juniors) plus 2 in Cup.

To top it off, he completes his record with 5 titles by teams during the Asian Games. All these results do not include his possible successes in the Asian League which are undoubtedly just as impressive.

His results and other incredible statistics could award him the title of best player of all time, however the world number 1 can (yet) take on such a role. Indeed, he lacks a major line in his record. A line adorned with Olympism.

Will Ma Long become the best table tennis player of all time?

He certainly tasted the most precious metal at the London 2012 Olympic Games, but it was in teams. Then third in the hierarchy, he had not been retained in the simple table to the detriment of  Wang Hao and Zhang Jike who were crowned vice and Olympic champion.

Ma Long has won everything, but she still has one step to go, that of Olympic gold in singles. A few weeks before the world championships and months of the RIO Olympic Games, the world n ° 1 naturally stands out as the big favorite of competitions.

In the best shape of his career, he seems unstoppable in his quest for Olympic gold. The only major title that he misses in his record. The only title that would propel him into another sphere. That of the legends of table tennis, that of the greatest table tennis player of all time.

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