TOP 5 Richest gamblers in the world


Bill Benter

Bill Benter is a math genius born in 1957 in Pittsburgh, America. After completing his degree in physics, he decided to use his skills in counting blackjack cards in the gambling halls of Las Vegas. 7 years after the start of these activities in Vegas, Benter has been banned from many casinos in the city. It was then that he decided to move to Hong Kong with a new friend, Alan Woods. The two worked on creating a formula to predict the outcome of horse racing, creating the first software-assisted gaming operation. To date, it is considered the most successful.

Edward E. Thorp

Blackjack fans probably already know this name. Edward Thorp, the creator of blackjack card counting, was born in 1932 in Chicago. He completed his doctorate in mathematics and worked as a math teacher from 1959 to 1977. In 1961, Thorp developed the first laptop with Claude Shannon and used it at roulette and blackjack tables until it was banned in 1985 He is a member of 'Blackjack Hall of Fame' and has developed the Thorp count method for backgammon. In the 1960s, Thorp began to use his knowledge of probability and stock market statistics. He also developed and applied effective hedge fund management techniques in the financial markets, making an estimated fortune of $ 800 million.

Billy Walters

A sports betting legend, Billy Thorpe had modest origins in Munfordville, Kentucky. With a professional poker father and a professional uncle, it was no surprise that Billy made his first bet at the age of 9. Almost 30 years later, he ran his own bookmaking service. It was illegal in Kentucky at the time and he was fined $ 1,000. So he moved to Las Vegas. Little is known of its operation. But in his own words, he is as successful as he is because he collaborates with many analysts who help him make decisions.

Phil Ivey

Born in California, Phil Ivey is an American professional poker player. He is known to be the youngest player to win 10 World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets. Ivey won his first bracelet in 2000 against Amarilloo Slim, an unbeaten player before that time. His success is not very surprising, considering that he started playing poker when he was only 8 years old. Her grandfather taught her to play 5 Card Stud Poker. Inspired by gambling, Phil Ivey created a fake ID to enter Atlantic City casinos during his teenage years. Subsequently, he used to play against his colleagues in the telemarketing company where he worked. Phil Ivey became a professional at 20.

Alan Denkenson

A professional sports bettor for over 40 years, Alan “Dink” Denkenson is like Billy Walters one of the most feared bettors in Las Vegas. As fond of horse racing as sports betting, Alan Denkenson has also made overvalued odds on his business even if he admits that “values” are becoming rarer today. The reason: today, bettors and bookmakers can access statistics and analyzes that were not available at the time. To find out more about him and 3 other renowned pro punters, I recommend the documentary “The Best of it”, a documentary that required 1200 hours of filming over 4 years to follow the life of 4 pro punters.


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