What are the alternatives and sports to bet on during coronavirus lockdown ?

With major sports on hiatus, many bettors are turning to what competitions are still taking place. Among them is esports. Though competitive gaming has boomed with live events in the past several years, its roots are online, with tournaments being organized remotely. In our current reality of social distancing and self-quarantine, many esports leagues and tournaments have rediscovered these roots.

Here is a primer on a few games that may eventually have widespread betting odds.


What is CS:GO?

Imagine two teams of five people. One team, the offense, has a bomb it needs to plant at one of the designated bomb sites. The other team, the defense, is trying to stop them. If the offense can plant the bomb without its entire team dying or before the defense diffuses the bomb, the offense win the round. If not, the defense wins the round. Multiply this by 30 rounds (first to 16), and that's CS:GO. No magic, no special abilities, just the chance to buy better weapons/loadouts along the way.

Keep in mind, that's just scratching the surface. CS:GO might be the purest competition that exists in esports in many ways. It's an intricate game and offers the right level of complexity that has made the game (and scene) stand the test of time.


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horse racing horse betting

Australia is at least currently able to provide some sports betting opportunities for punters, with horse racing, harness racing and greyhound racing all continuing to operate unless explicitly prohibited by health advice.

All three have been racing without trackside crowds and with the number of people on course having been reduced to “essential” personnel, with social distancing rules put in place to stop person-to-person contact.

The availability of these sports also means that there are still a number of opportunities when it comes to using free bets for new users 2020.

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football foot soccer betting

Although MLS, the USL, and almost every soccer league in Europe have shut down because of the coronavirus, games are still being played in a few countries elsewhere in the world.Here’s a look at some games on tap this weekend that you can watch.

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